Foundational Releases Updates to Customer Portal

By Brian Eckenrod on

At Foundational, we are always looking to improve our technology in ways that allow our clients to interact with their partners and their data in the best way possible.  Back end systems are under continuous improvement as new client needs arise.  Use of web services and related technologies continues to grow as more and more software allow for interaction with their data via web services.

In addition to integration improvements, Foundational also strives to create a simple, yet comprehensive experience for our clients to interact with their transactional data. As part of that continual improvement, Foundational has released upgrades that will  now be appearing in the Foundational portal. The core operation of the portal will not change. However, you will see the following changes:

The first column of the document list will now be “Action” and within that drop down, you can choose actions to take on that document.

Initially, you will see the following actions available to you:

EDI Viewer
Operates the same as when you click in the “RefCode1” field, showing you the EDI data

Doc Viewer
Renders a human readable form of the EDI data. Currently works only on X12 EDI documents. EDIFACT, XML and other formats are being worked on to allow those to also be viewed in this manner.

As more functions are added to the portal, you will see these actions available to you in this list. We will also communicate these options out to you so you are aware of them.

While we’ve tested many documents from all of your trading partners to make sure things display correctly, if you encounter any display issues with these formats, please let us know so we can take a closer look.

We appreciate the trust you’ve placed in Foundational to handle your critical business data and we hope these tools and those to come improve our relationship and the services we provide.

About Foundational e-Business

Foundational e-Business is a Pittsburgh based division of Paragon Consulting specializing in managed EDI and e-business services.  We offer a cost effective and easy to implement managed EDI service, where we act as the outsourced EDI department for our customers.  Foundational staff has decades of experience with EDI in various industries, including steel processing, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics.  Foundational can be reached by email via or by phone at 888-657-2345.

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