Many businesses outsource warehousing and shipping of product to a 3PL (Third Party Logistics Provider) because 3PLs are experts at the distribution functions of storage, order fulfillment, and transportation arrangements. Foundational provides an affordable EDI solution for those third party logistics providers.

Our platform streamlines the order fulfillment process with the 3PL of your choice and efficiently automates the communication process with your 3PL for order releases you want them to ship and notifications back to you of shipments they send.

Additionally, if you are a 3PL provider, Foundational can serve as your EDI and e-business department, linking your critical logistics functions to your clients to provide seamless integration and superior value.

Timely and Accurate Information

Part of any successful 3PL relationship is the flow of information between the customer and and 3PL provider. This information flow is what drives the movement and reconciliation of inventory, tracking of shipments and communication of orders.

By linking to your business systems in a manner that best suits you, we provide flexibility in the gathering and distribution of the information behind the 3PL business transactions. We can then quickly distribute this information to your supply chain with no need for manual processes.

Using Foundational as the "glue" in your 3PL relationship ensures the information gets where it needs to go accurately and on time.

Experience Makes a Difference

Foundational's staff has worked with both 3PL clients and 3PL providers and fully understands the intricacies of the information flow and the transactions used to successfully implement a 3PL relationship.

We have experience in all the key 3PL transactions from both the client and 3PL perspective including the 832, 846, 850, 940, 943, 944, 945, 947, 856 and 810. While we mention them by their EDI transaction number, the key is the data and Foundational can move this data in many forms including EDI, XML, flat file, and more.

Our aim is to keep your processes and interfaces simple while providing a vast array of abilities for you to integrate with your key partners in the 3PL relationship.

Providing What You Need And More

At Foundational, our approach is to keep your life as simple as possible, while providing a highly flexible and scalable e-business platform. No matter your ERP system or the integration needs between a business and a 3PL provider, our approach is to integrate with you and your partners in a manner that best suits all involved.

Foundational can utilize a wide array of data format types such as traditional EDI, XML, JSON, flat files and more. We also support many communications methods such as EDI VAN, FTP, AS2, SFTP/FTPS and web services. Our approach is to provide you with the tools needed to begin your trading relationships and a toolbox deep enough and powerful enough to satisfy any requirement along the way as your needs grow and evolve.


Where is the Elusive Silver Bullet for e-Business Infrastructure?

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“Having the right foundation in place is a key for us at North Side Foods; each order placed and received is critically important. Foundational helped us clarify our e-business needs and implemented an integrated e-business solution that fits our business. As a results our process is smoother, we have better access to transactional data, and our supply chain is better integrated.”


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