As a provider of ERP software, your only concern is providing value to your customers. Offering a solid EDI solution at a reasonable cost can be a challenge. Foundational solves this challenge by acting as the EDI and e-Business wing of your company.

Flexible Partnering Opportunities

You may wish to simply refer customers in need to Foundational, or you may wish to have Foundational tightly integrated into your support system. Regardless of your preferences, Foundational will work with you to develop the partnership plan that works best for you.

Make EDI a Strength of Your Offering

EDI and e-Business is a niche technology. It rarely makes sense for a provider of ERP to learn the intricacies of EDI and maintain a staff to keep the software up to date. When you work with Foundational, you gain the benefit of decades of EDI experience without any of the cost or pain associated with rolling out an EDI module.

Leverage EDI and e-Business as a Revenue Generator for your Business

It is our goal to make EDI cost effective and beneficial for your customer, and an attractive add-on for you. We offer a variety of revenue sharing options that enable you, the software provider or value added reseller, to benefit from your relationship with us and with your customer. Again, we offer the flexibility to establish a relationship in a manner that makes the most sense for you.


Where is the Elusive Silver Bullet for e-Business Infrastructure?

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“As a provider of specialized ERP software for foundries, Guardian takes pride in its ability to deliver a tailored solution. By partnering with Foundational, we are able to address the EDI needs of our customers by producing a seamlessly integrated EDI solution without the need to have EDI experts on staff.”

Jeff Kroneberg, Guardian Software Systems, Inc.

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