Companies in the steel industry rely on the efficiency that can be gained with electronic commerce. Leveraging decades of experience, integration best practices, and an intelligent management service, Foundational helps customers evolve their platforms to seamlessly communicate with any EDI enabled trading partner for a fraction of the price of traditional EDI.

Foundational’s Managed EDI Service connects our clients with their customers and suppliers by handling the up-front integrations and delivering customers into a highly efficient, always-on EDI management service. In this capacity, Foundational acts as an outsourced EDI department, managing and addressing all inquiries and modifications and reducing overhead and management burden from the already strapped in-house IT departments.

Material Shipping and Receiving

By leveraging EDI transactions in lieu of paperwork, Foundational can help you streamline your material receiving processes. Your ERP system knows what is coming as soon as your trading partner ships it. Inbound shipping details received by EDI contain the unique bar code information that can be tied to the shipment when it is received. Using this information, along with technology such as bar code label scanners, can dramatically streamline your receiving process and eliminate errors.

Similarly, when material leaves your facility you can provide your trading partners with EDI shipping information to assist them with their receiving process.

The test report transaction, or certification data report, is a perfect companion for the shipment information. When exchanged electronically, the certification report data can be automatically loaded into the ERP system quickly and without error.

Whether sending or receiving these transactions, they enable tighter integration across the supply chain.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

In a VMI relationship, inventory levels are transmitted to a supplier. Those inventory levels along with pre-established minimum and maximum inventory levels are used to drive auto-replenishment of the customer’s inventory. EDI is used at each step to enable automated communication between the customer’s and vendor’s ERP systems.

Foundational’s experience in these types of relationships enable our customers to focus on the business relationship without being concerned about the mechanics or nuances of data exchange. Among the benefits Foundational’s customers have reported are improved inventory turn rates, error reduction, and improved lead times.

Toll Processing

Toll processing business relationships rely on a great deal of information flowing between partners. This information must be timely and accurate for both the business and the processes to function properly. Well implemented EDI will achieve these goals and will allow the business partners to focus on the customer service aspects of toll processing knowing that the information exchange is seamless.

Foundational has experience in all aspects of a toll processing relationship. As material is shipped, received, processed and perhaps shipped again, Foundational’s Managed Services allow all of this information to flow electronically and automatically.

Beyond these fundamental aspects of toll processing, Foundational also has experience in many of the peripheral EDI transactions such as material hold/release, material reapplication, and inventory reconciliation.

No matter the depth of your need in toll processing, Foundational has the expertise and technology to help guide you.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Foundational has proven to be a valuable partner. Their understanding of how EDI is used in the metals processing industry has enabled us to enjoy the benefits of e-business across our organization. Inventory turns have improved as a result of implementing vendor managed inventory; our receiving process is efficient with minimal errors because we know what is coming before the shipment is received; and many orders are now received via EDI so the order entry process requires minimal human intervention.”


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