Supporting steel for decades. Eliminate your headaches and rest easy when you outsource EDI to Foundational

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Managed EDI often costs 35{5080e6b8eec03ac51702ada5b6897314ab7bc3a139127375f379f0820275a75a} less the run than in-house alternatives. Trust the team that has been implementing painless EDI solutions for decades.

With over 20 years of experience solving EDI issues for the steel and metals processing industry, we have assembled an industry leading platform that is tailored to solve the needs of our clients regardless of business type or size.

Our e-business service reduces the manual effort of managing integrations and interchanges by completely automating the handling of all ongoing communication with trading partners, support, and system monitoring.

We provide a substantial annual savings compared to in-house management by providing a solution that runs automatically 24/7 and eliminates the need for specialized hardware, software, and staffing.

  • Managed EDI and e-Business Service
  • EDI and e-Business Consulting
  • Value Added Networks (VAN) Services
  • ERP Partnerships

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