Foundational’s Bob Raida to speak at TUG Connects! Conference on May 7 in Washington DC

By Foundational on

Bob Raida of Foundational e-Business (formerly known as Paragon B2B) will speak at the TUG Connects! 2015 Conference on May 7 in Washington D.C.

The session topic is an EDI case study, including a discussion of the fundamentals of implementing EDI.  An overview of an EDI implementation at an Infor A+ customer site will be provided as well as an overview of the EDI process, tools used in EDI processing, as well as deliverables and ROI of an EDI project.

The session is geared at companies of all sizes and stages of EDI implementation.  The presentation will include a discussion of the various stages of EDI implementation.  Early stage adopters may see EDI as a “necessary evil” that is simply used to satisfy trading partner requirements.   Companies that truly benefit from EDI see it quite differently – as a tool to streamline operations and optimize the supply chain.  This session will offer suggestions on how to evolve your company’s EDI implementation from the former to the latter.

Bob is a veteran of the EDI, e-business and ERP industry with over 15 years of experience.  He was a co-founder at TrueCommerce and has been with Paragon / Foundational since 2013.

TUG ( is an independent non-profit association of Infor Distribution product users.  TUG Connects! is an annual conference coordinated by TUG.

About Foundational e-Business

Foundational e-Business is a Pittsburgh based division of Paragon Consulting specializing in managed EDI and e-business services.  We offer a cost effective and easy to implement managed EDI service, where we act as the outsourced EDI department for our customers.  Foundational staff has decades of experience with EDI in various industries, including steel processing, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics.  Foundational can be reached by email via or by phone at 888-657-2345.