Foundational’s Bob Raida to speak at the NEECOM Fall Conference on October 15

By Foundational on

Bob Raida of Foundational e-Business will speak at the NEECOM Fall Conference on Thursday, October 15 in Westborough, MA.

The session will explore alternatives to traditional EDI, focusing on one company’s implementation of “PDF to EDI” as a means to capture transactional data from trading partners that cannot support traditional EDI.  Discussion will include the business reasons for pursuing this project, the technical side including data capture and flow into the ERP system, and the results of the project.

Bob Raida is a veteran of the EDI, e-business and ERP industry with over 15 years of experience.  He was a co-founder at TrueCommerce and has been with Paragon / Foundational since 2013.

NEECOM, or the New England Electronic Commerce Users’ Group (, is a nonprofit organization established in 1990.  Members are large and small organizations in a variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospital, insurance, and more.  The common thread is members’ interest in EC/EDI and related technologies.

About Foundational e-Business

Foundational e-Business is a Pittsburgh based division of Paragon Consulting specializing in managed EDI and e-business services.  We offer a cost effective and easy to implement managed EDI service, where we act as the outsourced EDI department for our customers.  Foundational staff has decades of experience with EDI in various industries, including steel processing, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics.  Foundational can be reached by email via or by phone at 888-657-2345.